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Matthew and Brenda Pratt opened Morning Star Cafe August 2, 1991. They raised their family and grew their charming roadside cafe in Palominas. Over the years, many of their patrons have come to regard Morning Star Cafe as their neighborhood kitchen, and Brenda and Matthew feel the same way.


 As stated by a newspaper article by Eric Peterman: Early every day, almost 27 years ago, when the large 7-Up sign would light up outside the Palominas Trading Post, which is where Matthew and Brenda got their start, neighbors knew Matthew and Brenda Pratt were open for business.


       The brightly lit sign was the “morning star” that brought friends and customers to the restaurant for great food and a daily dose of barbs and banter highlighting the start of another day.


      On Aug. 2, 1991 Matthew and Brenda moved from the trading post over to the larger building to the west. The lighted sign was replaced by a dinner bell that Matthew would step outside and ring when the coffee was hot. But the reference to a morning star stuck. On that day the Morning Star Café was born.


     While the food is always served fast, fresh and hot, the featured item that won’t be found on the menu is a unique sense of community shared everyday among patrons and the Pratts.


Since then the Morning Star Café has doubled in size and has become a place not only for breakfast and lunch, but their dinner menu has become a big hit in the valley pulling people in from far and wide.  With dinner they can now offer a nice cold bottle of bear or glass of wine or liquor.  A stage was built and they have live entertainment usually 3 nights a week. They present a variety of Country, Bluegrass, Folk, Blues, Jazz and Latin Music as well as some very talented singer, songwriters with the choice bands that have been on their stage.


There were other businesses in the building, but as they each moved on, Brenda and Matthew just expanded the cafe, and as they did, their business grew. Around 2013, Brenda helped start a vocal group, Sugar Beats and would host a monthly "Ribs & Rehersal" night. Thus was planted the seed in Brenda's head that Morning Star could become an entertainment venue. As the last rented space was vacated in June 2016, Brenda took over and opened up the space to the main dining room. She also added a stage and a sound system. In January of 2017, Morning Star Cafe was granted a liquor license and the rest, as they say, is history. If you go to our entertainment page you will see more exciting news on the entertainment here at the Morning Star Cafe.


Come out to Morning Star Cafe and check out the new vibe. Same great food, good music, fine spirits, and friendly service. Your neighborhood kitchen.



Morning Star Cafe
Established 1991

10428 Highway 92
Palominas, AZ 85615
(520) 366-5666

Open Wednesday & Thursday
7:00am - 4:00pm

Open Friday & Saturday

7:00am - 8:00pm

Open Sunday 7:00am - 4:00pm

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